Cat Ear Self Defense Ring
Cat Ear Self Defense Ring
Cat Ear Self Defense Ring
Cat Ear Self Defense Ring
Kinzy Klatz

Cat Ear Self Defense Ring

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1.Simple and stylish design.

2.As fast as a meteor, as fast as lightning! Lightweight to help you quickly and fiercely defeat the enemy.

3.This product is a 100% brand new high-quality product, not easy to damage, and easy to carry.

4.When a novice starts to practice, the fingers will not be able to adapt. You can wrap it with tape or cloth tape. It will be more comfortable to hold it.

5.For daily decoration, self-defense, you can get started quickly, and you can quickly put it on your finger in an emergency to prevent broken windows or self-defense!

6.Essential tool for outdoor using.



Material: Alloy

Function: self-defense, cool play

Modeling: cat ears Size: 32*26*7mm (finger inner diameter 20mm) (Due to manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3mm.) The design is simple and stylish, suitable for both men and women. The advantage is that it is convenient and quick to take, and can be quickly worn on the fingers for self-defense in emergency situations! 

Color: bright silver, gun black, gold (Due to the different monitors, there will be some color difference.)

Process: One-piece die-casting, gold-plated surface


Package List:

1pc Ring


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