Klatz Lashz Combo
Klatz Lashz Combo
Klatz Lashz Combo
Klatz Lashz Combo
Klatz Lashz Combo
Klatz Lashz Combo
Kinzy Klatz

Klatz Lashz Combo

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What’s Included?

1x Klatz Lashz (of your choice)

1x Rainbow Sugar Lipgloss 

1x Eyelash Extension Applicator 

1x Scrunches (Randomly Selected) 

3x Eyelash Spoolies 

1x Mini Cosmetic Pouch 

**In the “Note to Seller” section, please list all your extra requests. This includes if you want the colors or flavors mixed. Also, be sure to specify how many of each you’d like. We’ll try our best to honor your extra requests based on availability. If we don’t have your extra requests in stock we’ll send the closest match. 

3D Mink Lashes

Our 3D mink lashes are very soft and can easily be used multiple times. These lashes give a sassy, light and cute look. The band is thin, lightweight and comfortable.

Made from 100% mink. T
hese mink eyelashes are 100% handmade, so there may be slight differences for each batch.


Our hair scrunchies hAve a variety of colors that can go with any kind of clothing and occasions. Perfect for birthdays, parties, or family photos. Every one in your package is unique. We have in both light and dark colors which makes it a perfect gift. The fabric is soft and easy to clean. You can wash them in the washer under gentle or perm press in cold water.

Mascara Wand (Eyelash Spoolies)

A great way to keep mascara clean, soft but firm brush head can get every little lash.

The brush head is bendable, you can get any angle you want.

Screw-type head is easy to roll eyelash and comb eyebrow that make the roots of lashes more clear and natural.

Lots of function - cleaning narrow corner that is not easy to get, brushing your pet's teeth and so on.


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