4 Self Defense Moves You Need to Know


4 Self Defense Moves You Need to Know:


Self-defense skills are undeniably a great asset that makes you feel a bit more at ease when you’re out and about; especially when walking home late at night. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve felt uncomfortable, learning a couple self-defense techniques may make you feel safer. Today, we will be exploring four key self-defense moves you need to know to protect yourself in emergency situations. Once you’ve mastered these beginner friendly self-defense skills, you will feel more secure.


Hammer Strike:

A self-defence keychain is a perfect companion for the hammer strike. This self-defence move is empowering and will ensure you can escape your attacker with ease.

Flick your keychain into your hand and release the self-defence mechanism within your keychain. Strike with force in an overarm throw, and release pepper spray in your attacker's eyes and face. The shock of the movement is likely to cause the attacker to stumble and follow it with a groin kick to get away effectively.

Groin Kick:

A groin kick is precise, as the name describes, a vicious kick to the groin. It doesn’t matter if your attacker is female or male; a powerful kick to the groin will deliver a painful blow that will provide you with the opportunity to escape.

Combining a groin kick with a hammer strike is an excellent way to escape your attacker effectively.

Escaping from a headlock:

Knowing how to escape a headlock is vital in self-defence. Headlocks can be powerful and may render you unconscious if your attackers hold you for too long. Thankfully, running from a headlock isn’t impossible.

Start by turning into the attacker’s side as much as you can to avoid being choked. Then use your hand that is further away from the attacker to strike your attackers groin. Keep hitting the attacker until you have enough mobility to remove yourself from their grip.

A self-defence keychain will help you escape from a headlock. Thrust the kubaton from your keychain downwards into the attacker's leg and groin area before running.

Escaping when your hands are trapped:

If your attacker approaches you from behind and traps your arms, you may feel very panicked. Here’s what you can do in this situation to escape:

1. Shift your hips to one side and begin striking the groin area with open-palmed slaps. The goal is to ensure your attacker cannot move your arms higher into a headlock.

2. Bring your hand back to your arms and raise your opposite elbow. Use force to turn into the wrap. Begin counterattacks and strike with your self-defence keychain until your attacker frees you.

Remember to stay calm in this situation and use your elbows, hands, and self-defence keychains to disengage from your attacker.

Self-defence keychains:

Our self-defence keychains are boldly designed to empower women. We want you to feel safe and confident no matter where you go. We ensure they are well concealed for your protection and can be engaged with as little as one click. This allows you to fight back against attackers with ease. Our self-defence keychains have been expertly designed and are made from solid materials as your safety is our top priority. Paired with a few self defense techniques, our incredible range of empowering self-defence keychains are bound to keep you safe. Don’t miss out on superb protection, check out our catalog today.

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